Where Sustainability Meets Technological Innovations

Arahas Technology has been providing Sustainable Solution framework integrated with Geo Spatial Technology to various Governments, Institutions and large Private sectors across the globe.

Who We Are

Arahas, is a leading provider of geospatial and IT services, Specializing in data development, analytics, and custom applications for sustainability, environment, and disaster management. As a subsidiary of Ever Enviro, backed by Eversource Capital and the Green Growth Equity Fund, we're committed to innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Know More...

Our Investors

Our Impact

Transforming an array of industries with our sustainable solutions

  • Telecom

    Arahas Technology enhances telecom services with precise geospatial data for improved network infrastructure and connectivity.

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  • Climate & Energy

    Arahas Technology's sustainable solutions combat climate change through environmental data monitoring and resilience enhancement.

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  • Defence & Intelligence

    Arahas Technology offers critical support in areas such as border security, threat analysis, situational awareness, and operational planning.

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  • Land Management

    Arahas Technology's Geospatial Solutions drive sustainable land management for economic, environmental, and governance benefits.

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Products & Services

Why Us

Arahas Technology has been providing Sustainable Solution Framework integrated with Geo Spatial Technology to various Governments, Institutions and large Private sectors across the globe.

  • A CMMi and ISO certified process driven Organization

  • 200,000+ Hrs of Consulting & Training

  • 20+ Years of Experience

  • Large Scale Operations in different parts of globe

  • Strong Network with Global Technology Partners

Clients Testimonials

  • "This team consistently astounds us with their ability to deliver projects on time while maintaining the highest quality of deliverables. Their deep technical competence elevates the value of our collaborations. What truly sets them apart is their remarkable resolution and support, unwavering commitment to confidentiality and integrity, and their accessibility in providing crucial information. A truly exceptional partner!"

    Head of Networks A Leading Indian & Global Telecommunications Company
  • "We've had the pleasure of working with this team, and their knack for timely project delivery and exceptional deliverable quality is truly commendable. Their technical competence is a driving force behind the success of our projects. Their unfaltering dedication to resolution and support, coupled with their strict adherence to confidentiality and integrity, solidify our trust in them. They are also always available to provide essential information."

    Senior Research Scientist Indian Metrological Department, GOI
  • "From punctual project delivery to unmatched deliverable quality, this team consistently shines. Their deep technical competence raises the bar for our collaborations. Their unwavering commitment to swift resolution and comprehensive support, along with the utmost respect for confidentiality and integrity, demonstrates their reliability. Moreover, their readiness to provide information is a valuable asset."

    Additional Director DoITC, Government of Rajasthan
  • "This team consistently delivers projects on time, maintaining exceptional deliverable quality. Their technical competence is a cornerstone of their success. Their commitment to swift resolution and dedicated support, complemented by their strong principles of confidentiality and integrity, makes them a trusted partner. They ensure information is readily available, fostering a transparent and productive partnership."

    Senior Scientist and Project Coordinator Odisha Space Applications Centre(ORSAC)
  • "This team is a true gem, consistently ensuring on-time project delivery and top-tier quality of deliverables. Their technical competence is a driving force behind their success. Their dedication to resolution and support is unmatched, as is their commitment to confidentiality and integrity. Their transparency and availability of information make our partnership a well-informed and fruitful one."

    District Nodal Officer - NLRMP Collectorate Banswara

Key Clients